ITW Shippers Air Dunnage Bags
ITW Shippers Air Dunnage Bags
Air Dunnage Bags
ITW Shippers Zebra Paper airbags have patented zebra stripes to ensure airbags are properly installed and match specific voids. If the Zebra stripes are touching the edges of the void, it is installed correctly- if the stripes are not touching- the void is too large, and additional dunnage may be needed to reduce the void.
The Double end fold (DEF) Level 1 airbag seams are glued using beads of adhesive glue. A special folding procedure is used on the Level 2-4 airbags, resulting in stronger end seams. ITW Zebra Paper airbags are AAR verified, and best of all, Made in the USA.
Available in Levels 1-4, Abrasion Resistant, and Sewn End, with both Stock and Made to Order sizes. For further details and pricing specials, contact us at (585) 352-7900 or email
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