Metal Detectors & X-Ray Systems
Rapid 5000
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• Standard Aperture Sizes
• Customized Conveyors to Suit
• Robust Construction
• Positive Reject Devices
• Designed with Food Safety in Mind
• Low Cost of Maintenance
• Stability and Performance
• Production Reporting
• Audit Check Validation Software for ACCP Compliance
• Enhanced Sensitivity
• User Friendly - Intuitive
Key Features:
• Metal Separator for the inspection of powdery
and fine-grained bulk materials
• Reduces production losses and machine damage
• Decisively improves product quality
• Complies with IFS and HACCP
RAPID 5000
• High precision inline detection of metallic and non-metallic contaminants
• Compact, light-weight, modular design, easy to clean and maintain
• Outstanding ease of operation with product autolearn function
Key Features:
S+S Inspection, Inc. is a global provider of metal detection systems for modern food production environments where high performance metal detection with attention to cleanliness and high sanitation standards is required. Just as food processors are committed to the highest levels of food safety and quality, so S+S is committed to high quality engineering and exceptional construction.

IIP is proud to be an authorized distributor of the S+S line of Metal Detectors and X-Ray Machinery. Contact us today at (585) 352-7900 or by email at for a custom quote for your unique and individual needs.
• Full product width inspection even for high products
• Simultaneous inspection of up to 5 product lines running in parallel
• Detection of a wide range of product defects
• Complies with IFS and HACCP
• Real-time operating system for high-speed inspection at up to 600 items/min.
Key Features:
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