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Fox Packaging has a brand new product line! They are not only changing the look of their machinery, they've also made changes to the product names and slight adjustments that incorporate some features that used to be optional in the past. As I am sure you've already noticed, they have a new Color Scheme,

Here's a quick breakdown:
New Color Scheme - Outstanding Vivid Powdercoat
Fully Guarded Towers - Safer, look better and more rugged
PLC Full Color Touch Screen Controls - Simple touch screen controls that can be preset and locked out
Standard Wrap Programs - 4 new standard wrap programs built in, Std Wrap Cycle, Std Wrap Cycle w/Top Cover Pause, Bottom Wraps first, Wrap Up Only
Banding Cycle Pause - No problem if you have an uneven or odd load and need more wrap in places. Simply hit the start button while wrapping and it will pause the carriage to add film where needed
Hurricane Thread Carriage Now Standard on most Models - Their safest, easiest to load carriage is no longer an upgrade - now included on most models
Spring Load Dynamic Carriage - They have modified their dynamic carriage to allow for faster film roll changes and accommodate slight variations in roll sizes
New Film Cutter System - Patent pending no hot wire film cutter cuts film mechanically without an electrically heated wire. Better adjustment to uneven or different sized loads, and more complete coverage when wiping the film to the load.
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